New Video: Thank you RTs!

New Video: Thank you RTs!

Members of the American Respiratory Care Foundation board took a moment to express their gratitude for the work respiratory therapists worldwide are doing during this pandemic. Michael Amato, MBA, ARCF chair, Tonya Winders, MBA, ARCF vice chair, and Joe Lewarski, MHA, RRT, FAARC, ARCF secretary treasurer, each share a special message for respiratory therapists.

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About the ARCF

With the goal of pushing the profession forward and encouraging the scientific research in respiratory care, the ARCF offers a variety of grants and awards to assist individuals in these endeavors. Awards and grants include Undergraduate Student Awards, Postgraduate Student Awards, Research Fellowships/Abstract Awards, Achievement Awards, Literary Awards, and Research Grants.

Founded in June of 1985, the ARCF is managed by its Board of Trustees, comprised of 12 professionals, who conduct the business operations and manage the awards, scholarships and grant selections. Trustee nominations are solicited annually by the ARCF in collaboration with AARC and NBRC. The ARCF appoints new trustees during the last quarter of the year from the nominations.

The ARCF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting respiratory health through the support of research, education, and patient-focused philanthropic activities in respiratory care.