Checklist for Potential Donors

Potential donors are encouraged to consider the following when considering the establishment of an endowment fund.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish with the endowment?
    • Encourage research in a specific area
    • Recognize achievement
    • Goodwill
    • Named enhancement
    • Recognize contributions of a pioneer
    • Support education
  2. How much do you want to contribute and for how long?
  3. What type of award do you envision?
    • Scholarship
    • Research Grant
    • Literary Award
    • Fellowship
    • Achievement Award
    • Other
  4. Are you able to establish the endowment with:
    • A one time contribution ($50,000 minimum)
    • Installments of $10,000 for five years (minimum endowment)
    • Other
  5. When do you want the endowment to become operational? (A minimum of one year lead time is usually needed)
  6. If you want to start the endowment prior to one year after the $50,000 level is reached (per policy), will you underwrite expenses for the award in addition to contributing to the endowment principal?
  7. What do you want the annual award to cover each year?
    • Cash award. If so, what amount?
    • Award and travel to Awards Ceremony
    • Fellowship (please specify amount)
    • Scholarship (please specify amount)
    • Any of the above and a plaque, trophy, or certificate
  8. Will you underwrite travel expenses? (Expenses include round-trip airfare, one night lodging)
    NOTE: If you agree to underwrite travel expenses (#8 above) would you like the ARCF to pay the expenses and then be billed directly, or would you like to pay the award recipient’s expenses directly?

The following represents some discussion points that may assist you in covering all the information pertinent to the endowment.

  1. Award presentation information:
    • All awards, with the exception of research grants, are made at the ARCF’s Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with the AARC’s annual International Respiratory Congress.
    • Awards are presented by the Chairman of the ARCF.
    • All recipients are encouraged to attend in order to make the award more visible and meaningful.
  2. The endowment amount is predicated on the following:
    • The amount of the endowment is commensurate with the amount expended for the award and related activities.
    • The projections of performance on investments are made by the ARCF on your behalf in order to assist in planning endowment and award amounts.
  3. Guidelines for administration of the award are developed cooperatively between you and the ARCF.
  4. RCF Trustees will make final decisions regarding all aspects of the endowment, including establishment of the amount of the endowment and the amount of the award. You will make decisions regarding support of travel of the award recipient and on the endowment ceiling.
  5. A letter of understanding capturing the agreement between you and the ARCF will be sent to you as soon as possible.
  6. Additional contributions of varying amounts are welcomed after the endowment minimum has been reached.