City Host Information and Application

City Host Information and Application


The “Mission Statement of the American Association for Respiratory Care In Regard to International Activities” states that the AARC seeks to “promote communication and fellowship among respiratory care professionals in the United States and their counterparts” worldwide “…through cooperation, dialogue, and educational exchanges.” In keeping with this mission, the AARC is offering “International Fellowships in Respiratory Care.” The Fellowships have been established to assist health care professionals to visit the United States to observe the practice of Respiratory Care as it is performed in a variety of settings, and visit the educational programs that teach it. The goals of the Fellowship program are to:

  • promote the exchange, development, and coordination of the art, science, and application of respiratory care.
  • allow for meaningful interaction and cooperation among multi-national colleagues in an apolitical, humanitarian context.
  • enhance the awareness and understanding of the profession of respiratory care and its role on the health care team.
  • provide encouragement and assistance to those countries seeking to establish the profession of respiratory care.

The Role of the Host City and City Coordinator

In order to provide the visiting Fellows with a quality educational experience and give them the opportunity to observe respiratory care in a wide variety of settings, the AARC is seeking the participation of respiratory therapists in cities or metropolitan areas (an area within a 60 mile radius of a major city) who are willing to become involved in this exciting program. Ideally, the medical institutions, educational programs, and other health care sites within a city or metropolitan area would provide Fellows:

  • the opportunity to observe the delivery of respiratory care in both large and small hospitals and in the home or other alternate care sites (hospice, group home, SNF, etc.).
  • the ability to discuss the management of respiratory care delivered in a variety of settings.
  • the opportunity to observe educational programs which train respiratory therapists at different levels.

In order to organize the activities in a given city or metropolitan area, one respiratory therapist will agree to serve as a “City Coordinator.” The International Respiratory Care Committee will work very closely with the City Coordinator to assist him/her in planning and implementation of the itinerary for the Fellows’ visit to their city.

The City Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the overall visit, including:

  • communicating with Fellows prior to their visit, and including information regarding weather, clothing, personal costs, and backgrounds on the city and hospital.
  • the development of an itinerary for the city activities.
  • coordinating all city activities among various sites.
  • airport pick-up and delivery of the Fellows.
  • transportation between sites.
  • providing the Executive Office with hotel recommendations.
  • providing an overview of the health care system in the United States.
  • ensuring that objectives of the Fellowship visit are met.
  • communicating with the AARC International Respiratory Care Committee.

The AARC is, therefore, seeking cities or metropolitan areas to serve as hosts for health care professionals from other countries during their visit to the United States to participate in the International Fellowship Program. The host city or metropolitan area must be able to provide an experience that will facilitate the following objectives:

  1. Observe the delivery of respiratory care procedures (routine and specialized) in a variety of settings:
    • airway care
    • incentive spirometry
    • metered dose inhaler (MDI)
    • continuous aerosol therapy
    • cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    • pediatric care
    • endotracheal intubation
    • insertion or arterial lines
    • arterial puncture
    • complete pulmonary function testing
    • mechanical ventilation (initiation, monitoring, discontinuation)
    • capnography
    • electrocardiographs
    • sleep studies
    • blood gas analysis
    • chest physiology
    • tracheostomy tube care
    • equipment handling maintenance
    • bronchoscopy assistance
    • pulmonary rehabilitation
    • bedside spirometry
    • CPAP
    • pulse oximetry
    • neonatal care
    • hemodynamic monitoring
    • stress testing
    • supplemental oxygen therapy
    • medication nebulizer therapy
  2. Participate in a discussion of the management of respiratory care delivery in at least one host site:
    • department organization
    • medical policy
    • scheduling procedures
    • numbers of procedures
    • recruiting and hiring
    • competency assurance
    • personnel allocation
    • medical staff issues
    • equipment maintenance and repair
    • inservice education
    • procedure manuals
    • quality assurance program
    • equipment allocation
  3. Site visit an educational program for respiratory therapists and participate in a discussion of the variety of programs available:
    • associate degree  program
    • baccalaureate degree program
    • master degree program

Applications are accepted Jan. 1–June 1 each year.

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