NBRC Frederic Helmholz, Jr., MD Educational Research Fund Application

Use the form below to apply for the NBRC Frederic Helmholz, Jr., MD Educational Research Endowment. Use English only and avoid jargon and unusual abbreviations.

Do not submit an incomplete application. Do not submit additional material pertinent to an application after the receipt date, unless it is requested or agreed to by prior discussion with the Chairman of the ARCF Board of Trustees.

A complete application should be submitted by June 1 for consideration of the annual award. The ARCF Board of Trustees will utilize appropriate consultants to assure a complete review of the application. Applicants will be notified by August 1 of the ARCF’s decision regarding award of a grant. The grant and certificate are presented at the AARC Awards Ceremony during AARC Congress. The ARCF will cover the travel expenses for the award recipient to attend the AARC Congress to receive the award.

The ARCF reserves the right to recall funds granted for a project, if they are being misused or if sufficient progress is not being made.

Summary reports must be submitted periodically and must be properly identified with the title and name of the principal investigator. Publications related to the research must acknowledge the support of the ARCF; five reprints of such reports must be sent to the ARCF upon publication.