Points To Consider in Submitting an Essay

Education Recognition Awards:

  • All Postgraduate
  • William W. Burgin
  • Robert M. Lawrence

The following points are specific essay submission instructions for the ARCF Education Recognition Awards.

I. Manuscript Preparation

  1. All papers must be typed.
  2. All papers must be double-spaced.
  3. All pages must be numbered.
  4. Be sure to carefully proofread the manuscript for completeness, clarity, grammar and spelling.

II. Content

Bear in mind that this is not a scientific paper or research report. Your purpose is to delineate your accomplishments, articulate your goals, and relate these goals to health care generally and respiratory care specifically.

Do not pad your essay. Choose your words carefully. Deliver your message succinctly. Judges of your paper will be looking for positive experiences and well-defined targets in your lifetime and in your career.

Above all, have others critically read your essay. Ensure that it looks as good as it reads, and check your grammar and syntax.